Monday, February 21, 2011

my tummy is wearing a sombrero

(((whistling the mexican hat dance song))) hey friends, your heart will turn into a set of maracas and your tummy will wear a sombrero once you get your mitts on a copy of viva vegan by the muy bonita sra. terry hope romero. i'm so glad mr. j. downloaded this on my kindle--what a great cook book! featured in this entry is the poblano&potato enchilada bake with pine nut crema. most of the time i use tortillas to make a pantry/freezer cleanin' burrito bake every few months and it's pretty easy. this dish isn't too complicated, but it is labor intensive if you do everything the same day, so please follow terry's suggestion and cook your taters and roast those peppers a day ahead. that's what i did, and that really paid off. in the summer i like roasting my peppers on the grill, but since it's the butt end of winter, i roasted mine in the oven. i washed the outside of the peppers, massaged a little olive oil, and put them in a shallow baking dish with a touch of water at 400 degrees, constantly turning them every 10 minutes until they collapsed.
i didn't have corn tortillas on hand, so i used wheat ones instead. still good. i think using the corn ones would have upped the authenticity. NOTE: i used remaining roasted poblanos to make a tic tac toe pattern on the dollops of crema.

my dear friend bianca at vegan crunk gave me a stylish blogger award. how nice! thanks, bianca! it's pretty rad when a much cooler blogger thinks enough of you do something like that. there are much better blogs out there, and i'm flattered when anyone reads mine. P.I.T.A. vegan is kind of the ugly betty of food blogs, if you ask me.

i have to mention 7 things about myself, and give the award to 5 other people. if i do, bob barker will pay for my registration to attend the vida vegan conference in portland this august. isn't that cool? ((((giggling))))
1. i know my writing style indicates a quirky, fun-loving, on-top-of-her-game awesometarian; however i'm really an insecure wuss. my two biggest character defects are a distorted sense of self and jealousy. i'd probably not be jealous of people if i had a better sense of self, duh. examples of things that i get jealous about? academic success of others, other people's blogs, and most embarrassing of all--people who are really attractive or who have $$. i can't believe i'd be so hung up on shallow stuff like that but, whomp! there it is.

2. i have an obnoxious sweet tooth. i probably need an intervention. i found out i have four cavities today because of it. dang.

3. being vegan saved my life. it helped heal the damaged, effed up, and distorted relationship i had with food. i consider this path to be my ultimate amends to the universe.

4. i dig nerds. really dig them. i married one in a simpson's themed wedding in 2003.

5. i am a turtle rescuer. every spring and summer when the little critters wanna cross the road, i'm there risking my life around blind curves and busy roads to help them cross to the other side. i've even tried saving a snapper but it got really pissed at me for trying to help its prehistoric ass and attempted to bite off my toe. seriously--it did a full 360 like kenau in the matrix and got all compton on me. i had to drive away.

6. i'm the first person in my family to graduate from high school and go to college.

7. i quit dying my hair because i want to own my gray and be happy with it. i'm struggling.

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Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Yay to getting a blogger award!

I always mean to make that dish from Viva Vegan, but never have all the ingredients on hand. Looks and sounds delightful, though.