Saturday, February 5, 2011

here's an idea

let kelly paloza take over the girl scout's cookie production. lord have mercy! this chick knows her cookie about cookies. the vegan cookie connoisseur was one of my holiday gifts from mr. j, and i'm really diggin' it. so far, i've made the giant bakery style double chocolate cookies, the soft baked chocolate chip cookies-(everyone at the office LOVED these!), and the chocolate peppermint wafer cookies pictured above. these should really have been called fat-bottomed-mints-you-make-the-rockin'-world-go-'round cookies in honor of the late freddie mercury, but who am i? i just eat the cookies. those babies were so good they'd surely kick the GS thin mints ass in a taste test contest, hands down. seriously, if you had one of these and then had the audacity to try to eat a thin mint after wards, your tongue would have arms pop out of its sides, punch you in the face, and say--"aw, hell no! get that panny-assed cookie out of my precious dwelling space and gimme some more of that mizz paloza."

word up.

no worries, there's more to come from this book. i just have to eat real food between all of my cookie meals.

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Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Such a hilarious post! I need to get that book. I'm trying to stop myself from buying so many cookbooks, but I just need this one already.