Monday, March 16, 2009

me want cookie!

so what if cookie monster can't get his grammar right? when you're eating these cookies grammar don't mean nothing. these are the sesame ginger peanut cookies from veganomicon. i was adventurous and just picked recipes at random by opening a page and going, "oh, i'll make that."

if you're like me, you know that if you get a lap dance from a stripper you know that you never ever get rid of the body glitter that gets rubbed on your face. why am i mentioning this? much like a visit to a strip club, these cookies were a chewy crunchy bit of heaven, but i got sesame seeds all over the place. i mean c'mon-- i had a cookie two days ago, brushed my teeth with the fervor of someone with OCD, and still woke up to find one on my tongue and pressed to the side of my cheek. so maybe they should be called erotic dancer cookies.

okay okay, you busted me. i've never been to a strip club, but i've heard stories about the glitter.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha....what a comparison. That's the way to hit the sweet spot? Okay, not a good rebound. Either way, glad the cookies are tasty. Have a great day!

miss v said...

i think you should call them 'dirty glitter-face cookies'

Sal said...

tee hee, i loved this post.

I think mustard seeds are the same - when i made the punk rock chick pea gravy the first time i was finding frickin mustard seeds all over my kitchen for days!!

I haven't made these cookies yet but they look really good!