Monday, March 9, 2009

Hag Sameach!

these are hamantaschen i veganized from 5 star foodie's blog. seriously, i'm diggin' all the food networking that i get done on foodbuzz. it is a never ending society of foodies from a wide spectrum of taste: omnis, vegetarians, and vegans. at first i just wanted to get to know other vegans and scope out restaurants in different cities. then it hit me-- i realized by only friending other vegans i was missing out on the opportunity to meet other neat people and the awesome challenge of veganizing their recipes.

now what's "hamantaschen"? it's a triangular shaped cookie filled with a sweet filling (fruit, poppy seeds, nut paste, or chocolate) to represent the hat of Haman, some giant douchebag that tried to extinguish the jews-(throughout history there's always been someone trying to do that!) but failed miserably. so we eat his hat? yeah, it doesn't make sense but neither does the holiday of purim. it's kind of like mardi gras: we dress in wacky costumes, party it up, read the book of esther, and eat these cookies. we don't eat a lot of fatty foods though, that's for chanukkah.

so anyway, back to these cookies! they were very tasty, a nice buttery soft shortbread accompanied by a mixture of almond paste and pears. these would go well with tea. my problem is that i had always relied on the other ladies at synagogue to make hamantaschen and never learned to make it myself. i folded pretty triangles pre-oven, but they became kind of warped in the baking process and looked kind of odd. pictured above are the prettiest ones. i took the ugly ones to a gathering of my omni-goyfriends and they inhaled them so fast the plate stuck to someone's face. cool.


pixiepine said...

Ooh those look good. My mom used to make these peach cookie things that look like that..they were called kifli. I think I might need to research a recipe and veganize!

Bianca said...

Neat! I love traditional foods with stories behind them...even when they're weird, like eating some asshole's hat. Of course, that's better than eating his shoes, which were probably really stinky. Then again, hats can be gross too. What about head lice?

But all that aside, your cookies sound mighty tasty.

Anonymous said...

Great job! They look so yummy! I love the idea of almond paste and pears filling.

Virginia said...