Monday, August 25, 2008

sometimes food needs to be pretty

most of my life i never gave much thought about what i was eating. veganism and prayer have given me a reconnection with the world of food and i have come to really appreciate attractive food. this tasty dish is from Vegan With a Vengeance and is called the Sun Dried Tomato and Asparagus Frittata. it was very nice to eat, but did make my pee smell funny-(hey, that's the world of asparagus). one day i hope to own a decent camera so i can take better food porn.


Anonymous said...

That looks really great! I hope it was quick and easy for you, too!

Bianca said...

That is really pretty! I never understood the asparagus pee thing. I've never smelled my pee after eating asparagus. Next time, I'll try to remember to check...weird, I know. But I want to know what it smells like.

VeganCowGirl said...

ohhh pretty doesn't even begin to describe that bad boy of a recipe. I have yet to tackle a frittata.

Looks great! Thanks for the inspiration.