Saturday, August 30, 2008

nacho disaster, my disaster!

this pic is from some 'anything goes' nachos i made about a month ago. they were pretty tasty, but after a lecture from my orthodontist, i've decided to lay off crunchy stuff because i don't want to be wearing my braces into my forties. i used blue corn tortilla chips, rice, broccoli, chickpeas, faux sour cream, and salsa.

these nachos weren't a disaster. this week's disaster was a dish titled "macaroni hates cheese" that i snatched off the ppk forum. it looked so awesome but tasted like vomit. it should have been called "jen hates macaroni hates cheese". it was pretty, i'll post the pic later. i don't like throwing food away, even food that tastes like yuk, so i dressed it up with some baked beans and shredded follow your heart nacho cheese and it was better.

my other (insert melodrama here) let down this week was losing in the farmer's market salsa contest. there were three categories: raw, cooked, and specialty. i entered in the raw category and knew i wouldn't win, but figured i might get second or third place. nothin'. i hate entering contests of any kind for that reason. i hate rejection, and like most people with struggling self-esteem i need some sort of prize winning validation to make me feel like i'm okay.

now that i've had some time to meditate upon this idea--that need for others to be pleased with me, i realize that attitude isn't very vegan. i'm supposed to care for all animals, including humans, and especially including myself. so it doesn't matter if i didn't win a friggin' salsa contest. i know my "ass of fire" raw salsa is awesome.


Chelsea said...

With a name like "ass of fire," how can it not be awesome? The judges were probably just wimps!

Broccoli is one of the few things I have never thought to put on nachos... good idea! I love to saute tofu and chard for nachos :)

Anonymous said...

Contests can be pretty stinky. Sorry you didn't win, but I really appreciate the lesson you learned. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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