Monday, April 30, 2012

Sorry, I've Been Abducted by Aliens

Here's a shot of the Magic Bar Cookie Pancakes from the long long ago!  NOTE: the Kroger Valu Brand Chocolate Chips are not vegan. Boooooo! They changed their formula a year or so ago and I'm pissed. Have no fear: Private Selection Organic Semi-Sweet Chips as well as 60% Cocoa Baking Chunks are vegan and have the obligatory blurb about being produced on shared equipment.

Dearest Readers,

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. I've seemed to have a ton of things going on in the past year that has thrown a monkey wrench in doing what I love...blogging! Well, I say no more to being overworked. I'm back, that's that, and I'll be doing my thing more often. Where was I?

I'd rather not talk about it. To squelch any blogging rumors, I am still very much vegan. I have not had a fall from vegan grace. Human grace perhaps, but I've dusted my butt off and am moving on. I appreciate any fan letters and thoughts of encouragement during my difficult time. My life needs a magic cookie bar pancake right about now, but I need to watch my sugar intake. I've had some medical issues arise where I now take a medication that automatically raises my blood sugar, so I'm actually having to rethink how I eat. Yay?

Included with my real life difficulties are technical ones. I just returned from an awesome trip up north to my old stompin' grounds of Kalamazoo. Guess what? Vegan pancakes and burgers to be found at the Studio Grill. Took pics and everything. Met the chef and he is gnawdorable and oh-so-kind. The staff are amazingballs.  It is my luck that the damned photos will not load, so I'm working with tech support on the problem. Fun, right?

So I'll save the high holy praises for that place once I can post the pics. Just know that if you live in the Kzoo area or are from D-Twat and looking for a great day trip, get to The Studio Grill on W. Michigan (near the corner of Michigan and Church St. downtown) and get yo'self some of that pancakey goodness. They are life changers. They have plenty of soymilk on hand for your coffee.


Bianca said...

Glad you're back and doing ok!!! Hugs!!!!!!!! <3

Glo said...

Welcome back to blogging, glad you are well and I look forward to anything new you post.

planetjenn said...

Vegan Aliens?? just wondering. giggle * snort! miss you!

bitt said...

Glad you are still vegan! Bummer about the meds. Have you checked out Ricki's blog She has a great pancake recipe on there with no sugar. And other things like that. I can't have sugar or anything close to it too so I feel for you!