Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm a Quorn Fed Girl

All of my crazy blogging is paying off! About a month or so ago, a nice representative from Quorn sent me an e-mail. They wanted to know if I'd try a sample of their new vegan burgers. Huh? How did they hear about me? Mercy For Animals on Twitter. NOTE: there are images on their site of suffering animals, so you might not want to click on the link if you are not comfortable with seeing those images.

So tweeting really pays off! So does signing petitions and sending e-mails. About two weeks prior to the letter, I had signed a survey and sent Quorn a letter telling them that it was silly for them to not veganize their stuff. In my pregan days, that line was my absolute fave. So please, never underestimate the power of writing!

I will give any Foodbuzz Featured Publishers a warning: don't change the format of your blog without the appropriate FB tags. D'oh! Or should I say, "Dough!" I had the most hits I've ever had in four years and it didn't count because each US impression didn't have the ad on it. My error, seriously. Not that I made a million bucks doing that, but I do donate that money to a food bank, so I was a little sad. If you would like to donate to my local food bank, you can do so at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard website.
These don't really taste like any other commercial patty I've tried. They are soy free, so you soy allergy peeps can rejoice. I was slightly apprehensive when I stuck the burger in my toaster oven. A smell that reminded me of my elementary school cafeteria permeated my house. You know, that scent of mystery meat? Yeah.
Then I made it into a reuben, took a bite, and smiled. When the sauerkraut, vegan 1,000 island, avocado, and pumpernickel danced with the patty I was really pleased. The new Quorn burger would be good for grilling, is suitable for the toaster oven, and would probably really rock fried-(what doesn't taste better fried?) You probably shouldn't eat it plain, but that's the case with most vegan burgers commercial or homemade. I mean, how many people do you know eat a plain patty? Usually a small contingent of weirdos, that's who. No condiment people, hear me now: I narrow my eyes in your direction.

Since I can't find these locally, I don't know what they retail for in the supermarkets. I will say if I had to pick a commercial burger, I would lean towards this one. Now--if they'd just get on it about their chick'n line....

So, if you'd like to win a coupon for a FREE box of these, send me a comment on this entry about a popular vegetarian item on the market that can be made vegan. Will you contact that company and rattle their cage? You totally should. I'll pick an entry on St. Patty's day-(get it, patty?) and snail mail you the coupon.



Mia said...

These are fantastic! They're one of the few processed foods I keep in my freezer.

planetjenn said...

Meijers carries Quorn, not sure if they have this patty, will have to look. Runs about $4-5 I think. Tried the Chik'n and didn't dig it.

Unknown said...

There are SO many veggie items out there that could (IMO) easily made vegan. All of Trader Joes' fake meat items, most of Morningstar's... Kinda frustrating.