Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday and some vegan soap

I didn't eat these beignets for Mardi Gras, I'll admit it. I thawed the dough from October, fried them, and ate them over the weekend to end my fantastic staycation. The dough freezes really well! I did have Thai today made with Fatty McFat Fat coconut milk and think I accomplished the goal of Fat Tuesday. This week marks my last week working at the gardening store and I'm starting my new job on Monday--I'll definitely have to have some precooked stuff lined up to get back into the routine of working full time.
My friend Adam was in the US from Germany and brought me some vegan soap all the way from Deustchland. I found it odd that the ingredients are in English. The stuff smells amazing. He must know I don't shower enough and was sending me a message to bathe. I'll tell you if they worked or not!
I can't remember what the figure on the left is supposed to be, but it makes me think of something from Greece and is scented like jasmine. The bar on the right is of a German television tower--(right?) with a moon. It also smells good. Don't ask me what mit bambus means, I'm assuming bamboo. I know he explained both to me, but I'm a dolt and forgot what he said. I'm baffled as to why he is friends with me. I'm such a crappy friend, as I rarely write him but anytime he's in IN he makes time to see me. Awww. I have a few friends that I do this to: my pal Jawzie that supported my transition to veganism and is going down that path as well, and I've fallen out of contact with many college and HS buddies since breaking up with Facebook. I could easily write a blog titled, "I'm Your Shitty BFF" but I know that's not really true because I love all my friends and think about them every day. So I guess I'm just a lazy BFF.

What did you eat for Mardi Gras today? For those of you who are religiously observant, what are you giving up for Lent?

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Adam said...

The soap on the left has the Brandenburg Gate and the one on the right is the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz in Berlin... I thought I left a comment last night, but it appears to have been eaten!

It was fantastic seeing you yesterday!