Wednesday, July 20, 2011

amande product review and american vegan kitchen giveaway!

here's another great vegan yogurt that is gluten and soy free! amande is a product by cascadian farms, which makes buttloads of organic goodies. i was able to get this at the local food bank during my weekly shopping trip. the texture was weird, but the flavor was good and substantially sweeter than other vegan yogurts out on the market. i actually saw intact blueberries, which was also a plus. since this was free, i'm unaware of the retail price and probably wouldn't purchase it unless there was a sale or a coupon available. the website doesn't really say what the product retails for, but does direct you where you can purchase the product locally. i also obtained a larger size of the plain flavor, and i'll report my findings later. i'm planning on using it in some sauces and dressings in the near future.

review: a turntable and a microphone. i'm kind of stingy when awarding big thumbs up for a product, so this is a fair grade and most certainly is not a dismissal. this was tasty, but i don't consume yogurt on a regular basis to be moved enough to give it more than that rating. amande is sweet, does the job for probiotics, is gluten and soy free.

now about this giveaway of american vegan kitchen. i have sung high holy praises for this book many times, too many to count. i scored it about this time last year and have made many dishes from it. this is the cookbook you grab when you want to make classic american food for omnis who are under the impression that vegan food sucks. close your eyes and get centered: fork n' knife reubens, fried avocado wedges, garlicky sweet ribz, chicago style pizza, cinnacrunch muffins, tofu rancheros, and a coffee cake so simple and delicious, it kicks the ass of any other coffee cake in existence. seriously.

i'd tell you more, but why don't you win a copy of this book and see for yourself how awesome tamasin's cookin' is. here's what you need to do to enter:
  • mention this post in your blog
  • mention this post in your social networking feeds
  • leave me a comment and tell me you did one of the aforementioned or both
one entry per person. i'll assign you a number and draw the number from an online generator. contest ends july 31st, 2011 high noon EST. i will post the winner august 1st.


Banned from the PPK said...

Okay, madam! You have been Tweeted and Facebooked. If I can be bothered, I'll even put it on Google+ so you can be totally cutting edge.

I thought that Amande was about as good as any other vegan yogurt. I haven't found one that I would buy regularly yet. There is something in the mouthfeel that is lacking...

Jen said...

@ banned: yep, i feel that way about amande too. banned, you're #2. of course, i don't mean you're a turd, but you're number two on the number generator.

gwgjoan said...

Okay I am posting you on Facebook and Google+ I want me some American Vegan Kitchen! And I love your blog anyway!

Jen said...

GW-you are number 3. BTW, I contacted FoodBuzz and let them know to remove non-vegan ads from my blog. The system is not infallible, so I'm sorry if anyone was offended by Dominick's steaks. Thanks for reading!

Rachel said...

I have found it a little odd that adds for meat would be on a vegan blog...not offensive to me, kind of funny actually. Anyway you have a wonderful blog, and blog name :)
I have updated today's post to mention your give away on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I really like So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. I heard they are coming out with a Greek yogurt, too.

The book sounds awesome, and I'd love to win a copy! I tweeted this giveaway!

Liz said...

I tweeted that shit! @veganfoodrocks
I posted about it on FB too, you'll see it, I tagged you :)

Jen said...

Y'all are awesome!
Nicole CJ, 1
Banned, 2
GWGJoan, 3
Rachel, 4
Sarah, 5
Liz, 6

Michele said...

Found your blog through another and thought i'd say hi :) your blog & mine have the same color scheme :)

Ashley said...

shared it with fb friends since I don't have a blog :)

The PodPiper said...

I'd love to win this book! I've already tweeted it via my @wokwildside twitter account. Thanks for this chance to win!

MaxAndPepper said...

Hi, new to your blog. If you're a PITA vegan, I'd hate to think what kind I am, LOL. Seriously, though, thanks for the chance at this cookbook! I'd love to try out some of those recipes on omnis! I tweeted about your blog from @MaxAndPepper. :-)

Space.Clown said...

What a great contest! I tweeted about it (@SpaceClown). Thanks for the opportunity. :)

Jen said...

Yay! I'm so excited about the response. Here's the low down:
Nicole CJ, 1
Banned, 2
GWGJoan, 3
Rachel, 4
Sarah, 5
Liz, 6
Michele, 7
Ashley, 8
The Pod Piper, 9
Max n' Pepper, 10
Space Clown, 11

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Posted on both Google+, (Finally a use for that place!) and Twitter.
Yay. Please just send it to Marti Miller Hall, 9303 191st Street..... Oh. Wait... (*twiddles thumbs to wait*)

Theresa Snyder said...

Posted on facebook!!!

supercarrot said...

(which also gets twitted, so this is a 2fer)!/vegancoupons/status/96981921346752512

Jen said...

Yay, more entries!

Tofumom, 12
Theresa, 13
Supercarrot, 14

Spread the word! I love y'all so much and will be having more contests in the future!

Sinister Soaps said...

I just tweeted @SinisterSoaps :)

btw, I know you said you contacted FoodBuzz about the meat ads, but I've got a Red Robin burger ad showing now. Blegh.

Jen said...

@sinister soaps #15--i saw that. this is getting frustrating. i've sent another message to fb. i will probably not renew my contract with them if this continues. i'm hoping vvc will help me figure out how to do this and get more of a following and how to supplement my income.

Joy said...

Tweeted and posted on Facebook! Happy Friday!

Vegan Wheekers said...

I tweeted at @VeganWheekers
Thanks for the giveaway!

Jen said...

More entries, that's awesome! Still just a few hours to go! I'll post the winner first thing tomorrow morning.

Joy #16
Vegan Wheakers #17

Bess Houdini said...

Yea! I know I'm commenting on old stuff, but I got this from the hub and it was the best veegz yogurt I've had!

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