Friday, April 8, 2011

planet gluten free

here's a closeup of a savory GF pancake topped with the cashew crema from viva vegan. what's in the pancake? i'm so bad about not writing down measurements for a recipe: a bit of bob's red mill GF AP flour, some millet flour, some corn flour, some flax seeds, some onion powder, salt, baking soda, and some soy milk. nice and crunchy. it went well with the crema, sauteed greens n' brussels sprouts and tofu scramble.
my spouse has had chronic pain for 6+ years, so he's on the GF wagon for a couple of weeks to see if it will help. we've spent thousands of dollars in testing to try to find an answer to his pain and the results have been nil. so frustrating! week one is almost over and he doesn't feel better. for any GF peeps--how long does it take for the diet to work?

what will we do if this doesn't help? ugh.

what have i been up to this week? let's see--gardening, i've made some nice GF desserts, had a GF bread disaster, and am working on a GF-soy free sausage patty. you heard me right, kids--vegan. sausage. patty. GF. soy free. i'm not happy with it yet, not like i'm about to come out with a cook book or anything. there are too many out there in veganland. besides--i'm too busy doing my mom thing, and thinking about starting another blog.

whuuuuuut? have i piqued your curiosity?

vegan highlight of the week? manic panic mascara and eyeshadow set. gets two turntables and a microphone. so does that blueberry tea from celestial seasonings. that shit is excellent iced.

be well, eat cookies, drink tea, and for the love of eyelashes--stay vegan!


Anonymous said...

It takes a little time for the gluten to be out of your system. The GI symptoms disappeared quickly, but it took a little while for pain to go away. (When I eat gluten it comes back RIGHT AWAY, though, dangit.)

If you're going GF, make sure all your other stuff is GF also. I had to give away my shampoo and conditioner, and found wheat protein in a whole host of other products. Especially the natural ones, unfortunately. Wheat turns out to be a pretty good binder for things. Read EVERY label, not just for food.

Maida said...

Hi! I've been GF for about 2 months now and feel so much better that I will never go back to eating gluten again. I first went GF because I read that it could help my Hashimotos (autoimmune low thyroid) and after about a month, my scalp stopped itching and my hair stopped falling out. The itchy scalp may have just been a symptom of gluten intolerance, but the hair loss is a symptom of low thyroid (even though my lab work is "normal" on my current dosage of medication). It took a good month for me to notice any improvement though.

You might be interested in this site:

He is the author of the book I read that helped me. He does have some articles that discuss gluten intolerance, symptoms of it, cross-reactive foods, etc. Here's one specific article that you might find the most helpful:

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Must find blueberry tea.