Thursday, January 6, 2011

dueling rancheros

i like a good mash up: take someone's take on something or another and play with it. sure, sure food is great as pictured in a cook book; however, i just can't resist messing with perfection. 'tis the way of a wacky artist. this is a post of two rancheros--two must enter, one must leave. pray tell, who will win?

the one above is my regular scramble topped with tamasin's ranchero sauce from american vegan kitchen mixed with pinto beans. i love tami, but like my scramble better. ((((whispering "don't hate me, tami!"))))) i also like the ranchero sauce with beans in it rather than in the scramble itself. the fun don't stop there, because i topped that mountain off with some fresh guac, cilantro, and a lime wedge to keep it classy. rancheros wouldn't be rancheros without a tortilla too, so you can well put that in your burrito and eat it. actually you eat this with a knife and fork. no burrito rolling actually takes place.
here's my version of the butternut rancheros from isa's blog. it's not as pretty as hers. i still used tami's sauce instead of isa's. the recipe makes a bucket load of it and i was too hungry to make anything else. besides i'm not isa, and isa ain't me and the world still goes round and round you see. i served mine over bulghur. the photo is not blurry, that's some serious steam you be lookin' at.

so, which one won?

while the scramble pleasantly sat on the gut for most of my saturday, i'll have to say that i really enjoyed the butternut version better. it was filling and a nice mix of sweet and savory. both are great ways to have brunch, but i think the butternut rancheros make a better dinner.

verdict? go nuts for the butternut. sometimes you just need a break from scrambles.

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