Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chappy Christmachanakwanzikafestivus

yule LOVE this entry! get it, you'll/yule? HA! i sleigh me! so i'm a little late with the chanukkah, but that's okay. you can have my lazy assed latkes any time. not only are these easier to make, but they're a little lower in fat. i've never been a fan of those over fried bird's nests myself. they are usually too oily, the texture is all leathery, and they're cold by the time everyone is ready to eat.
these are inspired by the latkes i had growing up. because i came from an assimilated family, we didn't call them latkes, we called them potato pancakes. we religiously ate them every winter, but my mother didn't know why. isn't that funny?

to make the latkes, just get some day old mashed potatoes, mix in some panko bread crumbs, onions, and some fresh garlic. you know me--i don't know the measurements. just eyeball it for christmas sake. fry them in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil. you'll need to flip them back n' forth a while until you get the perfect golden brown color. preheat yer oven to 200 and keep 'em in there until everyone is ready to nosh. i like to serve mine with a little tofutti sour supreme and some dill. applesauce is good too, but i'm more of a savory gal when it comes to latkes. these would also be good with some gravy or sauteed veggies.
look at me! i'm sideways! i swear i wasn't drunk during this post. just full of holiday cheer. the kids are watching on as i light our play dough ball menorah. this year i scored a griddle, bundt cake pan, and a food processor from good ol' chanukkah harry.
speaking of balls, kittee's got 'em. they're tasty and huge. (((giggling like a 14 year old boy)))

these mildly obscene looking buckeye balls are from her zine papa tofu and are highly addictive, so much that they are illegal in 20+ states. the most omni of omnis love these and they're also gluten free! seriously, you can whip these up really fast and have them ready for the next holiday soiree you're attending. you'll also want to make a back up batch because you'll need some of these in the icebox to snack on between dysfunctional brawls when everyone comes over for festivus. everyone will think you slaved over them, but i know your dirty secret. so does santa.

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Beckah said...

Just drooled on my keyboard. Potatoe-y, starchy savory YUM!

P.S. Chappy = my hands this time-O-year...