Sunday, December 13, 2009

the perfect holiday bread for christmachanakwaanzika

i made it back into the kitchen! this photo doesn't do this bread any justice, but i'm hoping you can see the bits of berries n' nuts in this glorious bread. i scored some frozen cranberries at the food bank and wanted to make something besides cranberry sauce. i made the cranberry-orange-nut bread from veganomicon. this was really good and makes the perfect holiday bread to bake for that special someone no matter what you celebrate. i'm sure santa, jesus, the maccabees, and all those who honor the spirit of hamarabe would sit around a fire eating this bread with a strong cup of earl grey tea--everyone singing in harmony, of course.

the recipe calls for fresh cranberries, but the frozen worked quite well. i suppose if you were in a pinch, dried would work just fine, although the purpose of using the fresh/frozen is to ensure that you get a burst of plump tart berries in each bite. i did have some clementines lying around so i squeezed them and used them for the juice instead of the OJ, and that worked well too.


nora said...

that DOES look like the perfect holiday bread! mmmm

pixiepine said...

Mmm that looks perfect!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Jen, you are totally nerdier than Seth! Ha ha. This looks awesome.