Sunday, September 20, 2009

i ***heart*** care packages

i've given up apologizing for not posting as much, because i realize i have good reasons. my plate is pretty full as you all know, it was my son's 2nd birthday on saturday, AND the jewish new year--so i was busier than usual and ass tired before it was all said and done. i'm grateful for all of you readers for your patience and understanding.

i do have mad plans to hell-or-high water post a snipit every day during the upcoming VEGAN MOFO. what's dat, you ask? it's the Vegan Month Of Food and it's a group of bloggers from the PPK who more or less commit to blogging about all the cool shit you can eat while vegan. since it's in the month of october and i'll just be getting bigger with that bebeh in mah belleh, i have a couple of themes in mind, but i'm gonna tease y'all by not telling you what it is, so please stay tuned.

the pic above is a care package that was sent to me by a fellow PPKer that i've met and have become really fond of. out of respect of her privacy, i won't reveal her identity--but i'll tell you what she sent me was just AWESOME: snazzy decaf coffee beans from one of her local beaneries, mimicreme-( a vegan creamer made with nuts, not soy), pacifica mexican hot chocolate soap-(which makes me smell really really edible), and her own homemade blend of cocoa that is just OUT OF THIS WORLD and puts my own recipe to shame. when i made it, i used 1/3 cup of the mimicreme and 2/3 cup of regular soy milk just to make my cocoa more decadent. oy, the sweetness! this package really made my rosh hashana very sweet. so thank you, ppk buddy--you know who you are!


pixiepine said...

That sounds like the best care package ever! Happy Fall! And Happy Almost Vegan MoFo!

Bianca said...

Man, I've been wanting some of that MimicCreme stuff. Jealous!

miss v said...

i wish i could find mimiccreme around here - it's in so many recipes i want to make! lucky girl!