Friday, December 19, 2008

mommas new shoes!

yo-yo-yo, check it. saucony jazz vegan-oatmeal and black hemp shoes. i bought these babies on line from i realize zappos ain't a vegan store, but they DO supply a nice array of vegan shoes with FREE shipping. for me, price was an isSHOE (get it, issue?) and i felt i paid a fair price for these ($48.95, the most i've ever spent on a pair of shoes). i ordered them on a monday and they were on my porch wednesday. they're super comfortable and go with just about everything i own.

chanukkah harry came early this year and got me a nikon camera on sale at target. once i feel comfortable enough using it, i'll start posting new food porn pics. i'm working at detention this sunday, and i use my down time at that job to utilize the enormous industrial sized kitchen to make meals to take home and freeze. i'm feeling real experimental and will probably make some sort of vegan latkes, persimmon pudding, and butternut squash lasagna. yep, you heard me right. squash lasagna.

btw, thanks for all the love and support. i'm doing much better and at more of a place of acceptance about clairisse's passing. i'm grateful for all my friends, family, my bloggin' buddies, and the PPK. i can't imagine going through this alone, and y'all have helped out so much.


Anonymous said...

Have fun playing with the new camera. I look forwards to seeing your food porn shots!

Joanna said...

hey, girlie!!

a zappos package appeared in the mail yesterday at my house. i assumed it was shoes, but wasn't allowed to open it- now i know for sure that it is!!

those are some cute shoes. i love tennis shoes. i'd wear them to work if all the sears managers didn't act as if it was the worst thing in the world. tennis shoes aren't allowed for some retarded reason.

i'm happy you got a camera!!! i can't wait to see all of your lovely dishes.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hey Jen, here’s the link to the referral form. (Honestly, I was blown away when I saw my first foodbuzz paycheck, even though I didn’t initially sign up for the money at all!) Oh, and for the part where it asks for the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher who referred you, I’m Katie Higgins :o).

Chelsea said...

Yay for vegan shoes! And yay for new cameras! Happy Hanukkah! xoxo Chelsea

Sal said...

nice, lovin the shoes!

glad you're starting to feel a bit better!


Bianca said...

Glad you're feeling better! And those are some bad-ass shoes! I've always been scared to order shoes because I have weird feet that are actually somewhere between a size 7 1/2 and an 8. I need like a 7 3/ shipping is a beautiful thing though.

pixiepine said...

Those shoes rock.